A strong team makes it working!

Angela u. Rainer Baur

Hotel Management

Since the laying of the foundation stone in 2006, Ms. Baur has been steering the fortunes of Linde. Due to the extension from the pure Landgasthof to the Landgasthof Hotel Linde, she is now the boss and "director" of over 40 employees.

Quote Mrs. Baur:
"It has been a long, often rocky road to success, which has now set in. Not only my commitment but also the dedication of my hard-working staff has contributed significantly!"

She looks forward to the tasks that lie ahead of her and has set herself the goal of keeping the various "branches of the lime tree" in bloom.



Since 2009 Mr. Baur has been managing the kitchen of the Landgasthof Hotel Linde.
He took Linde into not only his heart but also his "boss", which in 2011 culminated in a marriage.

For three and a half decades, he already swung the wand in different kitchens and has now arrived and "home".

His conclusion after his long service:
"Real heroes do not wear capes - real heroes wear chef jackets!"



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