The mission statement of the Inn Hotel Linde

Who we are

The Inn Hotel Linde is a place for special life events as well as simple socializing. That there are people who choose our house for their most important moments fills us with great pride.

In the kitchen, we look beyond the box. Our focus is not only on our daily à la carte business but also on the preparation of seasonal specialties. Through many years of experience, we create a variety of menu or buffet offers - whether for a meal for two, the lunch break, the larger celebration or a meeting.

As a restaurant, we are both a contact point for tourists and buses as well as for local guests.

In the area of ​​business, we are the main point of contact in the area for conferences and seminars of numerous companies. Our location, the variety of catering and competent contacts is one of the reasons why so rarely change companies after they have met once with us.

Since 2014, we offer high standards in our modern 4-star hotel, which is unparalleled in our region.

Family celebrations, such as weddings or birthdays, can be celebrated in one of our many function rooms with a beautiful ambiance. Our experience also helps you to cover the things about your event that you did not think about.

In summer, many guests enjoy the idyllic atmosphere in our beer garden. In winter, this is often used when guests flock around a fire with a mulled wine in their hand and get ready for a nice evening.

Our alpine bowling lane serves as a finale to many events, including children's birthday parties and other groups who spend wonderful hours there. The bar supports this exuberance and, moreover, all sporting events are transmitted to SKY.


What is important to us

We are not perfectionists but fulfill our task with heart and soul. Your event bears our signature, as we have developed a strong personality after ten years.

As a Bavarian-Swabian family business, the tradition of our roots is essential to us in the kitchen. We combine traditional Austrian cuisine and classics with modern and international dishes. Our food selection should offer something for every taste. Above all, the freshness and quality of the food and food prepared by us are essential to us. Our chef and his entire team attach great importance to this.

With our prices, we want to create an excellent price-performance ratio, on the one hand, to be competitive but not to undermine our quality.

The reputation of gastronomic professionals must be increased again in the future. That's why we want to create well-trained professionals and use all the resources that are available to us.


Who is important to us

Our Guests:
More and more guests are aware that they are king. That is why we convince above all with quality instead of just enshrining the guest with words. As a rule, we succeed in making everyone happy, who can be made comfortable by the means at our disposal. People come to us to relieve stress and even enjoy themselves. Our harmony and lightness are external and make it possible.

Our employees:
The Inn Hotel Linde feels like other companies in the industry, the fluctuation of the staff. This is common in the catering industry; however, identify most of the staff very strongly with us for what also speaks, that almost all the important places in the house were filled with grown-up stuff.

We are glad to have found the suppliers of the Landgasthof Hotel Linde in our region in the early days and since then successfully cooperate with them. The suppliers and our employees have also known each other for several years and can thus cultivate a relationship that is also practiced in the in-house team.

We work together successfully with our direct partners, the Eurohotel in Günzburg and Friedberg, as well as the Shell station. The Legoland is not only an enrichment for us but also the entire Günzburg location. As a partner hotel, we enjoy radiant children and exhausted parents throughout the summer. For some time now, we can call ourselves the parent company of the Rotary Club Günzburg. We are proud of the excellent cooperation. As a Bavarian country inn, it is more than a duty to mention our breweries. Nowhere else do you choose localities according to this criterion, but for us, it has great significance.


How we stand with each other

At the Inn Hotel Linde everyone, whether team reinforcers, trainees, or apprentices, gets the opportunity to do their work as soon as they have proven their competence.

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